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Many thanks to Andrew and his team for the operational work that helped to remove the doubts and increase trust in the relationship with his wife. Once again a big thank you to them for their necessary and useful work.


Thank you for taking my machine which 3! Months in theft. My "swallow" returned to me, even though I had already lost hope. I do not know how you do it, but you're really a pro in the business! Good luck to you!


Lost love on the Internet. So often the case - to communicate under a false name, and the person then vanishes and is no longer find. Only one such friend by correspondence I fell in love. Not knowing the real name, detectives helped me to find it in real life. Now we are together and happy.


We are scattered all over the world after school. It's been 25 years, would very much like to see. But how to get everyone how to find? It is good that our former warden had the idea to find anyone who could through the Internet and other connections through your agency. Even the guys came from Australia. We had the best reunion. Thank you for it!

Maria N.

My story is as old as the hills. The husband stopped paying attention, was often in the evenings to leave. A couple of times did not come home at night. And then did was to travel frequently on business trips. Now the name of "mission" I know. I have a new life now, and next to the new man. If it is not an agency, so would the number of "deceived wife."


Just thank you! I'm not afraid any more! A half lived in fear for himself and his family - I was threatened. Identified the man who ruined my life! That took only a day! This is called efficiency!

Survived from the marriage swindler

Decided to get married a third time, but her husband was 15 years younger. My best friend is alarmed, and she went here. Intuition it did not disappoint. Secretly I had collected information that a potential suitor - marriage swindler. The information is so important and detailed that there is no doubt! Thank you for your friend, and the speed and professionalism! If you want to get married again - in the first place check for lice groom.

Anton I.

I want to thank the agency, its employees helped me find a childhood friend who left 10 years ago for the border. Did not even want to address. So I had little information about it. But friends persuaded. They said now the new century, new technologies - try. And, really. They quickly found him. The real professionals. Now we will not lose contact. Thank you.

happy wife

Nothing but praise can not say. My family tried to destroy a friend that I trust all my secrets. It turned out, she wants to take away my husband. Now everything fell into place. Do not trust her friends, and trust the private investigators of the agency!

Grateful client-incognito.

To all the reviews and I can add my story. I have had problems with his only son. I was very worried because he was late returning home, was overdriven, nervous .. He argued that the works, and on issues where, remained silent. I do not know what to do and I turned to the professionals, who confirmed his son really work appeared. And he kept quiet because the low-skilled labor is considered shameful.

Family Markov-Beletskis

Have saved her daughter from drug addiction because of your detective agency. The girl got into bad company, but we had time. Thank you for helping to understand.

Arthur V.

Never trust a detective agencies. I thought that it is only in the movies they brave guys, but in life - extortion of money. I was wrong! A situation in which I began to feel paranoid, followed by all watched, both at home and on the street and on the job. It turned out, my feelings were the cause. Only the agency "Private detective Crimea" has helped me to secure your business and family, and save your nerves. Found bugs and beetles in the office and at home. I'm really grateful to you.


Helped bring back a loved one who foolishly lost 3 years ago. We are together, and for that I thank you and God alone. It's not just detectives, this virtuoso of his craft!

just a guy

An absurd situation in which I found myself, I threatened to jail. I knew that I was framed and had time to turn to the detectives. It turned out, my best friend betrayed me out of jealousy. Now with my suspicions are removed. And the friends I choose carefully!

Maxim Maksimych

Do not say anything new. Just add a thank you for the prompt assistance, excellent friendly attitude. He came to the agency with a long-standing problem that just can not dare to decide, and it was pressing on me. To date, the problem is solved, and I am calm.


Our company according to his service in need of qualified people who can maintain confidentiality. Thanks to the agency "Private detective Crimea" we are using a polygraph have the ability to check our employees "for lice." It takes all fast, to doubt the professionalism of the agency is not necessary.


Conclude all agreements, after checking the partners. This detective agency did not fail once. I recommend!


I almost fell for the bait apartment scam. It turned out that the apartment that I want to buy prescribed minors! If you do not, my money would have cried. Now I have found a good home, and a gang of criminals who tried me vtyuhat non-free apartment is wanted by law enforcement agencies!

Valery N.

Thank agency! I kept my family just because of you! I'm on the phone nazvanivala young lady that told him that my husband was cheating on me. I became irritable and suspicious, though her husband did not give a reason. After a delay of his work, I decided to contact the agency. My husband I did not change, and called me his boss, who wanted to get it and destroy our marriage. Now everything is fine, and my husband a new job, and the boss - a man!


friendly customer

Betrayal of my husband proof! Though for me and it was a blow, but it's better than living in ignorance. I believe I will start life with a clean slate. And the beginning of my new life put your detective agency.

Family Nalivayko

Stolen cars. Unfortunately, the police could not find him. Then we turned to the agency "Private detective Crimea." And now we can not believe happiness! Our swallow returned to us! What to add? Of course, thank you!

Michael N.

I have a few month pestered by phone. I could not find out who it is. Only "Detective Crimea" and helped. Thanks for your work, guys!


Her husband got in an accident, but it provoked. Personally I could not prove it and I turned to the detective agency "Private detective Crimea." It turned out that he was caught in a trap avtomoshennikov. There were witnesses who saw her husband was framed and another victim of the same scam to find. Her husband is justified, and they will sue!

Maria and Nicholas Ermolina

Our little boy is growing up and we hired him to nurse. She seemed a respectable woman, but still we decided to check her background. It turned out that everything is in order. Detective Agency "Private detective Crimea" found out everything about her. It is really perfect nanny. And we worry for her son.


By profession I often need infa about people. But the Internet provides an inaccurate and incomplete. About one person had to learn a lot of details. I turned to the detective agency "Private detective Crimea" and I have collected this information in such a short time that the Internet is resting. Happy as an elephant! Once again, big thanks!

Andrew A.

In my life there was a difficult situation. But agency staff helped me get out of it with dignity. I saved his reputation only because of their prompt assistance!


Do not advise anyone to enter into a marriage contract. Because of him, afraid to be left without means of subsistence for themselves and the child suffered abuse and her husband's infidelity. The evidence was not there. And then appealed to the agency "Private detective Crimea", they are immediately found. With her husband in a divorce for 4 months! Now I am at peace, my son is safe and even with the money!

Simachenko AA

I am a serious person and carefully walk up to any task. Before you contact an agency, read about others online, phoned, and some even went. Just want to say that most of the agencies I was not impressed: somewhere too delayed timing solutions to my problem, some too boasted of their accomplishments, but nothing concrete has been proposed. Those agencies that impressed - could not let myself due to the cost of services. Finally, I went to the agency "Private detective Crimea." And I'm not sorry. The optimum value for money! You are great! Prosper and help people solve problems!

A customer from Belarus

For many years, had not seen her friend, who know lives in the Ukraine. Dreamed of meeting, looking through friends and the Internet. But he did not find it. On the advice appealed to the "private detective Crimea." It was unbelievable to find, I thought, just spend the money. And now I have a new best friend. And the day goes by that we do not have phoned. I already had it at a party in Kiev, now she and her family is coming to me. Even though I live in another country, but you helped me a lot!


Not co-operate for the first time with the detectives of the agency, and I think many times will return. Before you enter into a business deal, check with the agency partners. Already many scams brought to clean water. I do not worry about your business. Thanks for that!


I needed help in a delicate issue - to establish paternity, which I doubt. Fortunately, my suspicions were confirmed. I am a happy dad, I have a daughter! Thank you guys from the detective agency "Private detective Crimea!"

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Maria N.

My story is as old as the hills. The husband stopped paying attention, was often in the evenings to leave. A couple of times did not come home at night. And then did was to travel frequently on business…

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Conclude all agreements, after checking the partners. This detective agency did not fail once. I recommend!

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Andrew A.

In my life there was a difficult situation. But agency staff helped me get out of it with dignity. I saved his reputation only because of their prompt assistance!

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