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 Detective Agency "Conrad"

        Detective Agency "Private detective Crimea" investigates how in Crimea, and in the territory of Ukraine and the world.

 Detectives our agency are members of the International Police Association (IPA).





We provide services of the following nature:

search for missing persons;
collect a variety of information about a person;
ensuring the safety of children;
check business partners;
legal fees;
maintenance of valuable goods;
other services relating to the safety of property, or personal safety of the collection of information.
Our companies are trying to inspire confidence in the client. Only in this case, the detective work can be successful. In this regard, the work in the detective agency "Private detective Crimea" involved only professionals: forensic experts, private investigators, operational workers, psychologists and graphology. In addition, the staff of our agency are included in the IPA (International Police Association), which indicates a high level of training. In addition, close cooperation with detective agencies worldwide can represent the interests of our customers around the globe: from Europe to America. You can leave our representative in another country.

We operate within the law, if necessary, resort to the help of law enforcement officials. But the main thing - we always observe confidentiality. Customers detective agency "Private detective Crimea" can be sure of secrecy.

You want the business to be successful, but you're concerned about the reliability of the partner? We will collect the necessary information about it, and you can avoid fraud or a good deal.

You do not know whether to trust the governess or nurse her child? Our agency will find all the necessary information about the person. If you have already hired a nanny, but her competence is in doubt, we use technical means to protect your baby.

The company of a teenage child is in doubt? The child ran away from home? We will help you on how to prevent this event, and will assist in the search.

You do not trust a friend, doubt his honesty? Our company will help to distinguish truth from falsehood.

Detective Agency "Private detective Crimea" is ready to help solve these and many other problems. Although our work is advertised in TV series and movies as romantic, it requires thoughtful organization, patience, certain knowledge and skills. With all of this, we are still at the height of performing even the most challenging assignments. Having the assistance of a detective agency "Private detective Crimea", you will be understood and heard, and most importantly - solve your problems.


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Michael N.

I have a few month pestered by phone. I could not find out who it is. Only "Detective Crimea" and helped. Thanks for your work, guys!

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Our company according to his service in need of qualified people who can maintain confidentiality. Thanks to the agency "Private detective Crimea" we are using a polygraph have the ability to check…

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Maria and Nicholas Ermolina

Our little boy is growing up and we hired him to nurse. She seemed a respectable woman, but still we decided to check her background. It turned out that everything is in order. Detective Agency "Private…

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