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Methods for detecting infidelity

Have you noticed that your significant other is acting weird and every day is moving away from you? Disappeared from the vocabulary of soft words, more is cause for quarrel, and your every utterance is irritating? Perhaps it affects fatigue or problems at work, maybe your spouse is simply not healthy ... Or is it the other symptoms of the disease called "adultery"? While this is only a suspicion, but they accumulate and family environment becomes tense. Continue in the same vein: suspect and suffer? Or find out the truth about why your family's life is heading downhill? Everyone chooses. But if you do happen to have chosen the second option, a detective agency "Private detective Crimea" knows all about how to check treason.

There are several ways to detect cheating.

First, the most common - is under surveillance and information gathering. We do not just watch your spouse. We record all movements and meetings. All this is done and documented by technical innovations. Identification of adultery (in the case of course, if such exists), takes very little time. After a specified period of our staff will provide photo and video materials, or other compelling evidence of the guilt or innocence of your spouse. More details on this service can be found on our website.

The second way is to check treason, is not easy. This method is called the "test of loyalty". In this case, the test of loyalty comes with the involvement of actors who are trying to provoke change your other half. Using this method, you probably do not know the real fact of change, and whether or not your partner is able to do so.

Check for loyalty in the latest version requires the voluntary consent of your spouse. Most often it is a voluntary agreement can be obtained when you and your partner are tired of the claims against each other and are willing to compromise. This is a test with the help of a device called a polygraph, and more popularly known as a lie detector. The device provides accurate information with an accuracy of 99.9%. List of questions asked by the staff, is made in such a way as to arouse the vigilance. The response to a given question and then read the instrument is regarded as true or false. Decode polygraph record as experienced employees who subsequently submit their resume. Details of the polygraph, or lie detector, can be found on our website.

A situation in which we find ourselves in a lifetime, it is enough difficult. And sometimes they can not cope alone. If you do decide that the test of loyalty to the wife you need, we will assist in this. We can also check on her husband's infidelity in any of the three methods described above. The main thing to remember in this case, it is better to be free than a lifetime to survive in a lie!

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