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The reasons that people are turning to the detective agency "Private detective Crimea" may be very different. But all of our customers in common - the desire to solve the problem. And our specialists apply all their efforts and use all their experience to the decision was as quick and efficient. 


Surveillance can be done in various ways. This may be a direct personal surveillance of a person when our staff collects information about the activities of partners or customers of our customers, fixing the important points and then providing them in his report. Can also be produced photo-surveillance using professional equipment. And when ordering this service you can get advice from our experts on the subject of installing video surveillance photo in his office or at home, you have to personally could follow everything that happens in your company or family moments in your absence. Surveillance can be used in almost any situation. You want to know what your child's after school and who spends his free time? We can not do without the participation of our specialists. Do you think that your significant other is cheating on you? Call our detective agency in Okunevka, and we will give you a full report on the presence or absence of the second personal life of your loved one. 


For some, such a lifestyle is the norm, and some husbands completely comfortable with the fact that their wives have a lover. But for some the idea of treason husband or wife is just murderous as destroys all notions of strong relationship and loyalty to the grave. And if you have at least some slightest suspicion in this regard, you should not torture yourself. Call us so we can spend identifying infidelity husband or wife. In some cases, we use already spent on years of practice methods to check for sure, in some cases a personalized action plan. But in any case, you'll know exactly it time to file for divorce because of infidelity or a woman, you can be sure of his beloved in the future. 

Search of people 

Many associate this phrase with missing people. But in fact, this service covers a wide range of human life. Whom it is necessary to find a person by phone number, from which comes the strange calls or messages. Someone wants to organize a search for relatives, which may never before have not seen it and did not speak, and in this case we begin to search for people by name, using various databases. But in any situation we performed a thorough collection of information that does not contain an error. It is no problem to find someone by name or set the exact address of the phone. The main thing that it was really the right person. Search of people can be used in cases where you need to find a witness of a scene to restore the reality of the event and stay with them or their family charges. 

Services for entrepreneurs Okunevka 


Basically the problem facing espionage businessmen and officials who hold high positions. Completely get rid of the presence of spyware from your life just is not real, but you can take several steps to best protect themselves and minimize all possible risks. It is important to carefully apply to the selection of its staff, especially to those people who are responsible and have access to important information about your company and even your personal life. We recommend some, but better on all interviews use a lie detector. When checking for a polygraph you will be immediately understandable true motives of man, then you will be able to draw conclusions and make the most correct decisions. 

Equally important is to check the premises to detect eavesdropping devices. We have all the necessary equipment to search for bugs and wiretaps timely detection of mobile phones.






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Michael N.

I have a few month pestered by phone. I could not find out who it is. Only "Detective Crimea" and helped. Thanks for your work, guys!

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Anton I.

I want to thank the agency, its employees helped me find a childhood friend who left 10 years ago for the border. Did not even want to address. So I had little information about it. But friends persuaded.…

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We are scattered all over the world after school. It's been 25 years, would very much like to see. But how to get everyone how to find? It is good that our former warden had the idea to find anyone…

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