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Today, almost every company has its own security service, or contracts with companies that provide similar services. But as practice shows the work of a detective agency "Private detective Crimea", these services are not always able to provide a full range of services required to ensure the security firm. For example, if you are planning to enter into a contract with the firm, which never worked, your employees will be able to make only superficial gathering information about its activities. Turning the same to us, you can be assured that we will provide you not only reporting on the current activities of the company, but also about her past and the past of its leadership, which can be scams and cover new legal entities, newly created firms . 

Under such orders, we offer check all company documents for their authenticity and legality, as well as verification of the securities that you will need to sign it. This will be a guarantee that over time will not emerge "pitfalls" and you will not find yourself cheated their partners. Another tool that can be used in such cases - it is a lie detector. But the polygraph test is best to use with people who are planning to work for you as employees. With partners - it will be a direct measure of your confidence and can only complicate all further work. 

By the same token occurs and identifying infidelity husband or wife. If you're right to show their suspicions, not having the evidence of adultery, it can only lead to conflict, even if no one no change. Therefore, if there is any suspicion on this account you should immediately contact the detective agency in Vilino that our employees could result in surveillance to provide you with facts betrayal of her husband or wife, or deny all your suspicions, proving that actually have your wife does not have a lover, and she changed his appearance and lifestyle for the sake of you and strengthen your marriage. Should not ever take the time to file for divorce because of infidelity women without conducting a preliminary check on the loyalty of employees with professional help of a detective agency "Private detective Crimea." 

Returning to the question of legal entities, we can say that the important thing is not only the security of your company database or checking partners and colleagues for their integrity in the conduct of work, but also a test on the subject of not being there for you photo-surveillance by spies. Surveillance of man today is a rather common problem and can be performed as in the immediate presence of a spy and udelala method using various bugs, many of which are not even installed a hindrance antiproslushka. 

And here you can now order check at the premises to identify listening devices, whereby we will certainly be able to detect wiretapping cell phones if they really are. 

Search of people in Vilino 

people search

Your debtor stopped responding to calls? Your child did not return home from school? Your employees committed theft and disappeared? Do not immediately panic. Call our detective agency, our employees were able to immediately start looking for your relatives or were able to find a person by phone number, until he changed it, which will also allow us to quickly set the address on the phone. 

Find people by name and relevant enough to where you want to reconnect with your classmates and other friends from the past. We use all the resources in order to find the surname you require human and other data submitted by the customer. 

Call a detective agency "Private detective Crimea" and get professional support of our employees.





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Just thank you! I'm not afraid any more! A half lived in fear for himself and his family - I was threatened. Identified the man who ruined my life! That took only a day! This is called efficiency!

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Family Markov-Beletskis

Have saved her daughter from drug addiction because of your detective agency. The girl got into bad company, but we had time. Thank you for helping to understand.

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