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Treason husband or wife will always blow disease for anyone, even if the relationship and so deadlocked, and the marriage has cracked. And someone even though their suspicions, decides to remain in ignorance, continuing to live as he lived, but for someone to get to know the bitter truth, than to suffer guesses at night, when the spouse is traveling or at corporate. These are the people most often turn to our detective agency "Private detective Crimea" to order the identification of infidelity husband or wife, and to confirm or deny their suspicions on the subject of adultery on the part of the second half. 

And it is quite possible that even if your husband or wife is cheating on you, after this fact becomes known one, then you can start a whole new life that will be for you a lot better than it was. Perhaps it was because of infidelity divorce women - this is something that will help you find your new love, which would be much stronger, more reliable and will pass any check on the brand loyalty, and you just have to, in fact, say "thank you" to your ex-wife and her lover for a chance to start over. But of course, that all this will not be possible without the participation of employees detective agency in Simeiz, who will collect information about your personal life and the second half will provide all reliable data on which you have and be able to take his fateful decision. 

Surveillance Care 

The older the child becomes, the less information about him know his parents. They may know how he goes to school, what section further visits. But his environment can be a complete mystery for the family, if the parents were not able to build trust with your child and friendships. And it can be very dangerous because teenagers do not yet have the necessary wisdom, helping to avoid dangerous situations. And just so you could come to the aid of his son or daughter, we recommend booking in a detective agency "Private detective Crimea" photo-video surveillance of your fumes. It is this man shadowing enables you to understand how decent are his or her friends and does not need to be any more vigilant with regard to their children. Also here you can order the constant surveillance of your child to our staff at any time, if necessary, could intervene and guarantee the security of the person. 

If your child has left home after an argument, you should not wait until he repents of his actions and return. Immediately call us and order the search for relatives. Our staff will take all actions to result in search of people to find a person by phone number. Especially that such disappearance may be intentional theft, disguised family quarrel. We have extensive experience finding people by name and are willing to make every effort and use all their resources for the solution of your problem. It is possible that the need to interview classmates and your child's friends, and to be sure of the reliability of the information provided, we will use our lie detector. 

Services for legal entities 

detective Agency

Polygraph testing can be used in almost any order made ??in our detective agency in Simeiz. Especially worth to use our facilities, if your company has been a theft of material or information assets. Often become the object of interest spyware database companies that are planning to attack the raiders. Therefore, it is important not just to make a careful collection of information about each of your employees and partners, what you will certainly help our employees detective agency, but also to verify all the premises to identify the listening device. 

You may be surprised ourselves, but after our staff will be able to detect wiretapping cell phones, even despite the presence antiproslushki will constantly have to order service to find bugs.






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