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If you think that spies - it only heroes of movies, serials and detective stories, many customers detective agency "Private detective Crimea" could confidently convince you otherwise, because faced with this problem in my life. But some prefer to turn a blind eye and allow other people to lead him under surveillance, and once someone becomes detective agency in Oreanda. Our experts have a sufficient experience to define actions to determine whether the man was being followed or is it just the result of violent fantasies or fatigue from the constant work. 

All you need to do to start working with us, so it's just a call to our detective agency and explain the essence of the problem, so that our specialists can immediately transgress any of the work. If we have any further questions, we will certainly ask them to you. But we will not delve into the essence of the problem, if this is not really necessary. So you can safely entrust us with such orders, which are associated with the identification of infidelity husband or wife. And we will ensure that the whole process of work and the data obtained in the course of collecting information will be transferred exclusively to you. Thus, the fact of adultery in your family will not be in the public domain, and can remain in complete secrecy, as well as your awareness of treason husband or wife of the hero of this action. Here it will all depend on you. Often, our customers, even after learning that the second half changes, and in some cases had more than one lover, continue to live the same life, not giving divorce because of infidelity and women without arranging scandals. Our task in this situation is simply to provide accurate data on the personal life of the husband or wife of the customer. 

If you are sure that your significant other will not change, but you want to have the same confidence in the future, the best solution for you will be checking for loyalty. In this case, we artificially create a situation where our staff works as an experienced seducer. Naturally, in the case of man it will check vamp. You can be yourself bystander development of all events or you will then be provided with a report made ??during the photo-video. 

Returning to the issue of espionage, can say with confidence that even if you are one hundred percent sure of a stable protecting their databases in companies and other important information, it is not superfluous to install antiproslushki. And here you can order a check at the premises to identify the bug. Only in the course of such work directly with our specialists will be able to detect eavesdropping mobile phones and make a qualitative and professional search for bugs. Naturally, find bugs and fix all technical equipment, works against you, it is only half of all necessary to ensure your safety processes. Also need to make a search of people who might have to do with it. 

gathering information

The first thing we need to interrogate all your staff using a lie detector to eliminate any cheating options. It should be noted that the test can be conducted on a polygraph, not only in the investigation of certain offenses, but in every situation of your life. Often this technique is used even when the examination of witnesses, and not only people suspected. It helps more to see the real picture of the entire event. 

When people wanted, as in locating the relatives, we use techniques that allow us to find a person by phone number, address install it on the phone. But not excluded and options to search for people by name. And find the surname sometimes becomes much easier and faster than using other data provided to us by the person.





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