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Are you living in the Sovetskoe or any other on the territory of Ukraine, you can always turn to the detective agency "Private detective Crimea", to use the services of professional agents. Our staff over many years got a huge experience in dealing with a variety of issues in connection with which you can count on the most out it in your case.

It is possible that you have to leave on a business trip, but no one to leave her child, who is in a dangerous adolescence. You can now order the surveillance for a child of his, to be sure it is completely safe. Such as surveillance of possible human and just if you want to know that your son or daughter did not get into bad company and lead a very normal life. Indeed, in certain periods of their older children are becoming less and less to share with their parents what is happening with them and with whom they communicate.

And if difficulties in your relationship will become intractable, you can use our experienced psychologist who advises not only on building relationships with their children, but also in the case of infidelity husband or wife. Especially that infidelity - is a common problem, which is called in our detective agency in Sovetskoe than issues with teenagers.

Many people live for years and do not even know your husband or wife of infidelity, and someone else without having to get out of order, already calls the detective agency "Private detective Crimea" to order checks on loyalty. Of course, it is better to do it before you came into legitimate relationship to later on when shlos file for divorce because of infidelity women or men, but each case is different, respectively, and the approach of our staff also has individual character. But in any situation is important for us maximum transparency for the customer who wants to know if he changes his significant other or not. If you want to learn not only about the fact of having your wife's lover, but also more detailed information about his life, then we as an additional service can produce the complete collection of information about its activities and private life in the Soviet and beyond.

Working with entrepreneurs

Surveillance for human

Our activity is not limited only by the resolution of family issues as the experience and tools allow work to ensure the safety of large companies and small businesses, for which can be installed photo-surveillance by spies hired by their competitors or other intruders. And one of the important points in this direction is to check the premises to identify the bug, which can also be installed in the car or in the things of our client. It should be noted that even if there antiproslushki you can not be guaranteed safe from bugs, so you need to hold periodic activities that allow us to detect wiretapping cell phones. But careful check of all your staff polygraph allow us to understand which of your co-workers, these bugs.

Polygraph testing can take place either in our office, at your company or any other neutral territory. We always meet our customers and provide interaction with us as convenient for them.

There is no problem and to organize search of people with whom you may have not seen. We will make every effort to find a person by phone number and the address set him on the phone. Experience in this field allows us to conduct successful search for relatives and disclose a number of certain crimes, when people search for names is the only means by using our existing databases.




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