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Every entrepreneur wants to cooperate only with reliable partners. But the only problem is that this test is solely already in the process of cooperation itself when all the papers are signed, and at stake is not rarely worth large sums of money. But now you have a unique opportunity to check each such potential partner before you become to put their signature on the next contract or bank check. To do this, simply call the detective agency "Private detective Crimea", which also operates in the city Soviet.

You will be required to provide all information about the company or private person that you are, the rest of the collection of information already produce our staff and provide you a detailed report about all your past activities prospective partners or clients. And such a measure Cautions should get into the habit of every entrepreneur who wants to complete its work in bankruptcy or allegations of fraud in his address. We check not only the past of a certain company and officers in charge of it, but can also take on checking the documents you asked to sign for the absence of outright fraud and possible pitfalls.

Besides the staff of our detective agency in the Soviet will inspect the premises of your office to identify listening devices to detect wiretapping cell phones and find bugs that can be installed in the most unexpected place. It is necessary, in spite of our installed antiproslushki as you can become a victim of espionage you already working staff and collaborating with you customers and partners. Not be amiss to give our lawyers to check the existing contracts, if you have signed them without our involvement and approval.

Our goal in these situations is the maximum help to ensure the safety of your business, restricting access to databases, which can store important information for your company. At the same time we are ready to make every effort to identify spies, if they really work in rows of your employees. One of the most effective methods in such a situation is to check on a polygraph. We ask exactly those questions that will surely reveal the attacker and help us understand what damage has already been brought to your company due to his actions, and who are its customers. If someone on your staff will not come to a lie detector test, then we can organize a search for these people by name or find a person by phone number.

Search of people - it is one of the many activities of the detective agency "Private detective Crimea." We often participate in locating the relatives, if necessary involving our colleagues from other countries, and also do our best to find the correct names for our clients personality. In some cases, ready to set the address on the phone.

Adultery - problem and trouble families

Gathering information

Some people believe that infidelity is the cause of many divorces. But over the years of our work, including in fulfilling orders, aimed at identifying the betrayal of her husband or wife, we came to the conclusion that it's much deeper. And many families need to understand that cheating wife or husband - is not the reason the break in relations, it is the result of broken relationships. And not infrequently, before file for divorce because of infidelity women, it is worth considering, and that pushed her to the emergence of a lover in her life. It is quite possible that if you have all the chances to save your marriage, even if it fails that test of loyalty to all the years of your life together and someone began to change.

Of course, here you can order a photo-surveillance to obtain evidence of such treason. But in addition to shadowing the man, we provide services of a psychologist who is willing to help you in solving your marital problems, that in the future you do not have to order more surveillance for your wife or husband.




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