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If you are experiencing any injustice in my life, you were accused of something, the real culprit of the incident or crime was acquitted, your statements are not valid - you can find support in a detective agency "Private detective Crimea", whose members have large enough experience disclosing a wide variety of crimes and are always ready to fight for the truth for the sake of justice. If you are involved in a traffic accident and can not find witnesses, call us and we will arrange wanted people who could help you in the investigative process to identify the real culprit.

In cases where you believe that a witness is lying on a particular issue, or you are accused of lying in his testimony, you can use our lie detector, which can only deceive specially trained person, which units worldwide. And have repeatedly only in our practice test for polygraph saved innocent people, helping to find the real culprits. Also in such cases, a complication arises from the fact that people are just afraid to act as witnesses, even if the problem is not criminal in nature. We can help you find a person by phone number and posposobstvuem his participation in the process.

In our detective agency in Sudak treated with a variety of requests, so we are already extremely difficult to surprise with something. And you do not need to fear about your visit to us someone recognizes as one of the basic conditions of our work is the maximum privacy. You can safely tell us about adultery its second half and ask for revealing the facts of her husband's infidelity, since suspicions alone is not enough to go to court for filing for divorce because of infidelity men or women. But contacting us, you can be assured that we will certainly help you gather all these facts as a result of photo-video surveillance and other operational work of our employees.

And of course, that if in fact your significant other will not change, and the presence of your wife's lover - it's just the result of someone's violent fantasies and evil tongues, then we can also provide you with proof of this, the resulting external monitor your spouse or spouse. Should bear in mind that cheating husband or wife is often the only reason by detractors who, for one reason or another want to separate you. But it is worth noting that this is becoming a very good test of loyalty to pass that can only really faithful and loyal to each other people.


Surveillance of human victims are not only couples but also business owners who do not give rest to their competitors who are ready to pay any money to the spies, to gain access to company databases. Is it possible to limit access to sensitive information of the company, which in the wrong hands can be used against you? On this question
you can answer our employees, as well as questions about what antiproslushku better use for all office staff.

But even if you already have antiproslushka, you protect yourself from a third-party collection of information you can only make periodic visits to the premises to detect eavesdropping devices. We guarantee that the employees of a detective agency "Private detective Crimea" will make a thorough search of bugs in every room of your home and office, as well as in the car, and be able to detect wiretapping cell phones, unless of course they actually have been installed on your machines.

Finding relatives around the world

Often we are asked about that we have restored family tree and found a kind of possible relatives, wherever they lived. If you also want to find someone by the name, you can feel free to contact us. We will search for people by name, we make the collection of information, which may have something to do and set the address on the phone even these people.





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